Start Running you can’t wait any longer

Running can be difficult and boring if there’s no plan in place. One of the biggest mistake people make when they want to start Running is to jump head first. There’s no plan in place and no goal in mind.

Running should be a way for you to release stress and stay in shape. It shouldn’t be an extension of the work day or added stress. if you are an individual that just started running, you should take things slowly. What I mean by slowly is that you can’t expect to run a 5K as far as you can the first day. Instead you need to work your way like if it was a ladder. First day run a little bit and walk a little bit. Your purpose at this point is to get your body to recognize that your gonna change it’s routine. A good example you buy a video game and you can‘t wait to get home and play it. You put the game in the console and you start the game. The first thing that happens is the instructions on how to play the game. How to move the characters, how to read certain parts of the game etc. as you progress the get better and know all the details and secrets of the game.

Once you’ve given your body the instructions it will learn and you’ll be able to do more like increasing your activities or mileage. Here’s a workout plan for 30 days on how to get started.

By doing this you will prevent injuries, you won’t get tired and you’ll create a habit.

One of the thing that’s helped me the most is to create a plan like the one above. now you don’t have to think about it or make decisions because you already know what you’ll be doing that specific day. Otherwise, you’ll be asking the question “what should I do today” and that will be determined by how you feel that day.

Like a plan you should always have a goal. A goal can be anything from getting in shape to losing weight but a goal will help you stay motivated. Write it on a piece of paper and put it in a place that you’ll see it everyday. You make this your motivation for any negative thoughts. You need to get excited and happy every time you workout. It’s like watching a tv series, you watch that first episode and when it ends your left in suspense. You can’t wait for the next episode. Your workout should motivate you the same way.

Now that you’ve build up your strength is time to show off. Look up a local race, it could a 5K or whatever distance your comfortable with and signup. There’s no expectation or specific time, it’s only for you to show your self that you did this and you can.

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